Our commitments: micro-collections and fabrics from dormant stocks

100% fabrics from dormant stocks

Today we make all our pieces in limited series using fabrics exclusively from unused stocks. This is just the first step in our adventure.

Tomorrow we will do everything we can to manufacture our clothes using innovative materials to reduce our impact on the environment as much as possible, with a sourcing, manufacturing and then transport process that is as transparent, sustainable and ecological as possible.

Our engagements

x Create micro-collections in limited series without the obstinacy of the seasons

x Produce as close as possible to our points of sale, thus limiting our impact on the environment and promoting the local economy

x Provide all possible transparency on our products and actions, so that our customers trust us

Our promises

x Transforming textile waste into timeless creations

x Make quality clothing that lasts a lifetime

x Unite around common values ​​and move forward together towards a better world

x Innovate every day to do better than the day before

  • Fabric & leather suppliers

    We work with Nona Source , a platform sourcing from the largest luxury houses, mainly from the LVMH group. Nona Source allows fashion and design professionals to access the best quality fabrics and leathers by promoting the circular economy.


    We work with factories recognized by the industry, in Europe only, and more precisely Portugal or Poland. Each factory specializes in one or more parts and has developed specific know-how over several generations.